The DPPC Framework of Diversity Audits

Michelle   15 November 2021

Microlearning is quickly becoming the favored training strategy for businesses and learners alike. In a recent workplace study, it was found that 94% of L&D professionals reported that they prefer to use microlearning to train employees at their organizations. The main reason they preferred this training method was due to its ability to meet the needs of modern learners. Employees today need training programs that are flexible, customizable and easy to access.


Increases engagement
Most learners become disengaged after just 20 minutes so microlearning courses are engaging for this very reason. Most series of microlearning sessions are made up of several bite sized modules each with short bursts of learning content.

Today’s learners are used to consuming short pieces of content on their mobile devices every day. They have busy schedules and can become easily distracted.


Increases agility

These modules can be developed and implemented more quickly than other traditional eLearning formats because they are designed to be short and focused. This gives organizations who use this strategy the ability to create and launch their training programs much faster than if they were to use more traditional methods.


Improves flexibility

Microlearning modules last anywhere from 3-10 minutes each which is a huge advantage for employees who have busy schedules that limit the amount of time they can dedicate to training. It is much easier for employees to take 3-10 minutes out of their day to participate in a short microlearning session.


Increases accessibility

Most of the learning management systems that are used to deliver microlearning modules today are mobile responsive. This means these learning modules can be accessed on any device including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. This increase in accessibility of learning content breaks down training barriers by enabling employees to access training on whatever device best suits their needs. Great for remote workers.


Maximises ROI

Microlearning modules cost less to create and launch than many other L&D training strategies. They also speed up time to competency and increase knowledge retention. This increased efficiency means you are getting more for less.


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