Headquarted in the South of London, THE PEOPLE’S PARTNER stands at the forefront of leadership and executive coaching. Our consultancy extends its expertise across the UK, UAE, and USA, helping organizations preserve their competitive edge and diminish organizational risks by embracing the principles of culture, inclusion, and strategic change. Central to our approach is the innovative use of AI and data analytics, tools that empower us to tailor our coaching and training solutions precisely to your organization’s needs.

Our professionals are deeply committed to enriching leadership skills, understanding that the right blend of technology and personal development can catalyze significant organizational transformation and culture enhancement. We appreciate the uniqueness of your organization, acknowledging its distinct ambitions, obstacles, and leadership methodologies. By integrating AI-driven insights with our bespoke coaching services, we aim to optimize staff performance and team dynamics to unprecedented levels.

Our goal is to not just improve individual capabilities but also to fortify and empower your teams, aligning them more closely with your organization’s overarching goals through data-informed strategies and personalized leadership consulting.

Mission & Vision

To enable and drive the delivery of an organisation’s leadership succession plan by unleashing sustainable leadership capabilities.

Our Values

Michelle is an Emerging Leadership Coach and Trainer, Certified Master NLP Practitioner and award-winning International TEDx Speaker on a mission to make the inVisible Visible!


Michelle helps organizations maintain their executive and leadership pipeline by developing the skills, understanding, and visibility needed for mid-level managers to advance to the next step in becoming part of the company’s senior leadership team.


But this was not always the case. Here is her story in her words.

When I was in my twenties, I experienced life changing trauma that saw my personal and professional life ripped apart. I shared this story when I was invited to deliver a TEDx story of the time I spent married to a man accused of some of the most heinous crimes imaginable against children, and how I became the indirect victim through publicity and stigma.


I became ‘Visible’ for the wrong reasons.

Just before the personal chaos erupted, I was recently promoted to a leadership role. I was now leading people I was recently friends with. I struggled with making hard and fast decisions. I had to get my head around leading and managing complex characters and opposing perspectives. I had to learn to delegate in a thoughtful and supportive way which created opportunities for others to take ownership of their decisions. I had to continually demonstrate trust in others and create a climate where people felt empowered to take responsibility and challenge.

I was out of my depth. It increased my stress level and was a contributing factor to my depression.


My true leadership capabilities and capacity shone through when I was afforded the opportunity to receive bespoke training and life changing executive coaching and mentoring. This meant that I was more confident, more commercially astute, felt included. I was able to demonstrate innovative practices, elevate my communication skills and provide an outstanding experience for the team around me.
Now, I am currently a non-executive director for two boards and have delivered training and keynotes for FTSE 250 organisations including Amazon, BT and Deloittes.


I have been featured on BBC, ITV and SKY. Her coverage on publications has included People Management, HR Grapevine, The Guardian, Good Housekeeping, The Daily Mail, Business Insider and Hays Journal.

If you are a forward thinking, people first organization and you:
– Are desperate to ensure that your middle managers have the capability and capacity to lead
– Concerned that your new leaders are not demonstrating the skills required to lead
– Looking for robust support to help your new leaders manage their imposter syndrome

My team and I are ready to transform your teams, your ‘leaders-in-training’ and your middle managers to build future fit leaders where everyone wins.

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