We are an HR resource hub that provides a service for both your staff and your business ensuring that every angle is covered and that you are legally compliant. Your very own portal for ongoing support at a low price you can afford.


We understand that your organisation is one of a kind with its own particular priorities, challenges and ways of working. HR Concierge is your bespoke service. It is a one off or series of support provided by our team within 48 hours.


To help you develop a long-term people strategy and to remain competitive, our comprehensive training programmes are invaluable in helping businesses achieve sustained growth through their people. Trainings are in-person, online or self-paced.

Are you concerned about diversity in your company but just can’t afford a diversity specialist?

Or maybe…. You want to ensure that you have the right diversity policies in place to ensure compliance?

Diversity Essentials 101 is an impactful starter kit to get business owners up to speed with what they must know and what they should do to be fully compliant with the narratives around diversity and inclusion and how this links to The Equality Act 2010. 

The training toolkit also comes equipped with an Equality Policy, A Dignity at Work policy, unconscious bias checklist list, 3 exercises to use with your team and diversity resources.

So what can you expect?


THE PEOPLE’S PARTNER is a HR and coaching consultancy committed to helping organisations create environments where talent really thrives, true potential is realised and business results are achieved.

We believe that supporting employees to develop their careers and having the correct tools in place in an ever- changing organisational landscape is what ultimately drives long-term business success.

HR Support For Small Businesses

The People’s Partner are experts in all things HR. Whether you are in need of a HR consulting or support service for your small business, or you are looking for professional HR advice for an SME, The Peoples Partner are here to help. 

Based in South London, UK, our goal is simple, to provide expert HR support which encourages tolerance to different diversities and creates inclusion within workplace environments. When it comes to HR support for small UK businesses, the cost can easily become a key concern. 

Keeping HR staff on retainer is simply not feasible for many small organisations during their early stages. With our HR concierge, we can offer HR advice for small businesses based in South London and throughout the UK at affordable prices. This expert guidance is available on a one-off basis or within a series depending on your requirements and our team makes it a priority to get a response to you within the first 48 hours. 


HR is a pivotal part of building and maintaining a positive workplace culture. Without it, staff retention and job satisfaction will surely suffer. Our goal is to empower entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, trainers and more to create a thriving workplace rich in diversity and inclusion. 


Unlike many other HR consultancy services, The People’s Partner maintains a level of experience that is hard to compete with. Developed by Michelle Raymond, our services have been created following first-hand experience with a lack of quality HR management. Not only do we understand the day-to-day workings of HR consulting, coaching, training and development and change management, but we also have a strong connection with the employees at the heart of small businesses. 


If you are a small business based in South London or throughout the UK and are in need of HR support, advice and consultancy services, get in touch with our headquarters today by arranging a call with us today.



Michelle is tremendous, absolutely focused on both doing as good job for her clients. Her appetite for combining hard work and providing a transparent and fair service are impressive. Plus she’s great fun to be around!

Dave Butler – Director of Strategy, Grainer PLC