Leadership development in the UAE – can you help?

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Leadership development within multinational corporations (MNCs) in Dubai present unique challenges due to their global scale, diversity, and complexity.

Having delivered a number of leadership training sessions in the UAE and based on recent research, these 4 areas came up as top challenges.

1. Disengagement and burnout: In the UAE, less than 30% of employees are engaged, and around 38% experience burnout, posing challenges for leaders in MNCs operating in Dubai.

2. Contemporary leadership models: Incorporating contemporary leadership models that emphasize agility, resilience, and digital savvy into traditional development frameworks can be challenging. It's the narrative of breaking down the way leadership has always been taught.

3. Recruitment and talent Retention: Attracting and retaining world-class talent was recently highlighted as challenges for MNCs indicating there is a requirement for robust recruitment strategies

4. Managing global teams: According to HBR, the complexity of leading global teams with diverse cultural backgrounds and varied work experiences poses a significant challenge. This mismanagement can result in project delays, increased operational costs, and a decline in employee engagement and satisfaction across their international workforce.

These are just a few areas consultants, coaches, trainers and facilitators who have an interest in contracting in Dubai can focus on to help close the deal.

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