Is delivering leadership training in the UAE more difficult than delivering training in the UK?

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That's a question I get asked quite often.

My response is always no. It's not difficult but it DOES require a bit more work.

Let me explain for all those out here wishing to deliver training or coaching as a freelancer in #UAE.

Cultural Differences: The UK and the UAE have vastly different cultures, which can impact how people approach leadership and respond to training. In the UK, for example, there is a greater emphasis on individualism and independence, "How YOU can become a more effective leader...

"In the UAE, there is more of a focus on collectivism, respect for authority, and team building. As a result, training techniques need to focus on group activities, team building, and collaboration.

Language: While English is widely spoken in the UAE, especially Dubai, it is not the first language for many people, so it is important to be mindful of potential language barriers when delivering leadership training. In addition, there may be differences in language usage and idioms that could lead to miscommunications or misunderstandings.

Religious and Social Customs: The UAE is an Islamic country, and as such, there are certain religious and social customs that must be respected when delivering leadership training. For example, it may be important to be mindful of gender roles and the separation of men and women in certain contexts.If you want to work out here, you MUST respect the culture.

Business Environment: The business environment again is different, especially laws, regulations, and expectations. It is important to be aware of these differences when delivering leadership training, as they can impact how leaders operate and make decisions. Understanding hierarchy will be a big plus!

When delivering leadership training in the UAE, it is important to work with local experts who can provide guidance and support. I have connections in Dubai Kuwait and Abu Dhabi for that very reason. They are all in the Middle East but operate quite differently. This can help you navigate cultural differences and ensure that your training is effective and well-received.

Being flexible and adaptable to tailor your training approach to your audience's specific needs and preferences will be the fundamental difference and key to your success. I learnt early that a cooker-cutter approach just won't do.

Best of luck to those embarking on this new and exciting #leadership journey.

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