10 Thought-provoking Questions to ask at an Interview

Michelle   15 November 2021



1. OUTDATED: Your CV should be only one page long.

INSTEAD: Focus on customizing your CV/resume (and cover letter) with keywords from the job posting to help explain why you’re the perfect person for the job.


2. OUTDATED: Include every job you’ve ever had on your resume to present a complete account of your professional history.

INSTEAD: Ditch the early jobs in favor of filling that space with more recent and in-depth examples of why you’re perfect for the role.


3. OUTDATED: When your interviewer asks about your weaknesses, offer a positive that’s framed as a weakness.

INSTEAD: Be honest and acknowledge you have a weakness. This can show the hiring manager you’re willing to examine what you’re good and not good at, as well as mature enough to admit it.

4. OUTDATED: Include an objective at the top of your resume and don’t forget to mention that you have references available upon request.

INSTEAD: Replace outdated objective statements with a resume/CV summary or summary of qualifications, which includes a few sentences that will capture the essential reasons why an employer should hire you. Leave references and photos off!

5. OUTDATED: Always wear a suit to an interview.

INSTEAD: Find out what the company wears and dress accordingly. When in doubt, it’s better to dress up slightly, as it can show the company you’re serious about the interview and the job.

6. OUTDATED: Stay at a job for several years and don’t bounce from job to job.

INSTEAD: Restart your job search, even if you haven’t been there for very long. People that hop from job to job or even career to career are no longer viewed with suspicion, as long as they can explain why they changed jobs and how it benefits the employer.

I hope this helps anyone out here looking for a #job

I appreciate that it’s not easy.

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