The Corporate Retainer

Land corporate clients to increase your revenue dramatically and impact the wider community without losing your real passion for serving entrepreneurs

We’ll support you on

  • Positioning and optimisation
  • Corporate language
  • Discovery calls
  • Government Bids
  • Proposals
  • Kick-off meetings

The Corporate Retainer™ is designed in a way where there will be no pressure, burnout or overwhelm on our part nor on yours. We understand that you’re possibly signed up to many other programmes, courses and membership and we don’t want to add even more to you, hence why we have spread this out over 3 months.

You have two options

Option 1: £300 a quarter

If you like what you’re getting, you see the value and the value is transferring into you getting seen in front of corporates, then renew with us for a further 3 months.

Option 2: £997 for a year

We also understand that securing the right corporate contract can take a while, sometimes years so we’ve offered a discount if you work with us for the year.

Here’s what you’ll
get inside of this
The Corporate Retainer™

  • Live, Monthly Q&A Sessions with Michelle / Adrian – (Ask us anything)
  • World-Class On-Demand Training (training to prepare you for having corporate clients)
  • Facebook Group for Networking & Community (network and create biz opportunities)
  • Tools, scripts, guides (contracts, terms of business, proposals, we have them all)
  • In-person Co-working and Networking Sessions (face to face is always best)
  • 1:1 Drop In’s (book your 1:1 sessions we us)
  • Guest Expert Masterclass Session (special guests to show you how to optimise your business)

Do it by yourself or work with us, entrepreneurs like you who get corporate engagements

The choice is yours

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