Recently I was told that I didn’t need a note taker present as I would be obliged to record the mediation meeting which I was facilitating.

Great… I thought. I can just send the video recording after we’re done and ‘Bob’s Your Uncle’ ….but is it as straightforward as this?


No. Let me tell you why


There is a significant data risk here.


Recorded meetings will automatically amount to personal data for all the attendees and any third parties who are identified, e.g. clients, prospective employees or former employees.

Then there’s the sharing of sensitive data like an employee’s sick leave…That’s a whole new level!

Wherever there is personal data and sensitive personal data, you will find the GDPR . It states that personal data must only be processed where this is justified. Much stricter rules and obligations apply to the processing of sensitive personal data.

If a recording was made, a copy could be requested by any data subject in it via a SAR / that’s a subject access request. Once released, the recording could potentially be used as evidence in a court or tribunal. Equally, it could find its way into the wrong hands, e.g. given to a competitor.

Still thinking of recording all your meetings?


Think again.

 Michelle    10 April 2021