A Few Tips When Being Interviewed On A Podcast

Podcast Intwerview
1. When you’re being asked to be a part of a podcast or radio station, as an interviewee, always check the timing. How long have you got? It could be a half an hour interview, it could be a 45 minute interview. This is really important because if you have so much content that you can share, you can only get across the key facts in the time that you have. So I always use the rule of three, three things that I can share. There are a number of things you can choose from but select the top three things that you can talk about and you want to link it to your call to action.
2. What most people tend to do when they’re being interviewed, is leave their call to action to the end and what happens with that, some people who don’t stay to the end of the interview then don’t get to hear the call to action, they don’t get to hear what the next steps are in how people can engage or further interact with you.
So I will choose three things I want to share with the interviewer and in the middle of my interview I would say, ‘if people want to know more about that they can connect with me on either the social media platforms, on my website, on my linktree… whatever you’re going to use as your call to action. Make sure you do that in the middle, as well as at the end.
3. Another thing which people overlook is speaking in bite sized chunks, and the reason why I say this is because you want to be able to edit this information afterwards. You never want to create an asset that becomes a liability, it becomes dead, you want to be able to use it again. With your podcast or radio interview, if the interviewer asks you a question, you can repeat, part of that question in your response. So you might say, Yes, according to what you’ve just asked me and mentioned…..This is how I would go about it. BY responding in this way to some of the questions, not necessary for all, when you want to edit it, you can just chop the beginning and chop the end of what you need and you can repurpose it. This is really, really important.
4. A simple but strong point….Be yourself. Being yourself will come across as being real and authentic. So if you make a mistake, if you forget something that’s fine, that’s perfectly fine because you’re being human and that’s what they want. If the interview is going to be done over video you want to come across as somebody who’s really personable in this case, your nonverbal cues will speak volumes, especially if you can be seen.
5. Lastly, just have fun, just enjoy the moment. Have a laugh, have a giggle and let the interviewer know that you’re such a fun person to interview so that they can get you back on the show.

Michelle   27 September 2021